Oil, heat and abrasion-resistant.

Stock timing belts are listed below. They have fiberglass tension members, neoprene body with nylon covered teeth, all bonded together for maximum strength.

For non-stock widths, Jason cuts specified widths from our large supply of timing belt sleeves on special order.

Mini-pitch MXL (0.080-inch pitch) timing belts are also available.

Jason timing belts are specified by belt length in inches times 10, belt pitch code and a three-digit belt width code which is the decimal inch-width multiplied by 100.

Any width available from stock, consult Jason for pricing.
Unit of Measure


Belt Length

N/A 21.0 in

Pitch Code



N/A 0.50 in

No. of Teeth

N/A 56

Approx. Weight

N/A 0.04 lb